Quality and Training

ETL is a contract electronics manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of high level electronic assembly services. We will maintain an Integrated Management System (IMS), in accordance with the requirements of AS9100, ISO9001 and ISO14001. Our policy is to continually improve everything we do to ensure that our services and products meet or exceed the expectation of our customers and stakeholders.

Our aims and goals are contained in our Business Operating Plan and are incorporated into our IMS.  These are linked to measurable objectives, which are communicated to our employees via regular briefing meetings.

Our service credibility has produced confidence within our customers and, although we are always looking for ways to improve and develop our service, repeat business is a key aspect of our trading. The senior management team will review this policy on an annual basis to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims and goals of the Company.  The IMS will also be reviewed at regular intervals in order that the management system effectiveness is reviewed and improved.



We are committed to:

  • Creating an environment in which every employee is fully committed to the highest standard of personal quality, and that all products and services supplied by ETL will be fully capable of meeting all the customer’s requirements.
  • Recognising the environmental impact of our activities and are committed to ensuring procedures are followed to prevent potential pollution incidents.
  • Complying with applicable environmental legislation, and other identified requirements.
  • Ensuring openness of our environmental activities with stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and regulators.
  • Minimising waste throughout the Company by waste reduction, reuse or recycling.
  • Working with suppliers and customers to reduce waste.
  • Optimising our processes and practices to reduce energy usage.
  • Ensuring we uphold a high standard of visual appearance on our premises to provide a pleasant working environment and satisfy neighbours and stakeholders.

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